To Conquer Every Step Of The Way

Ron’s father once said, “Life is like climbing a mountain: you get half way up and start to fall, but you need to keep on climbing.” This quote has been stuck in his soul for decades, ringing in our ears today. — He started at the bottom of the mountain, in October of 1940. He […]

Memories Lost

I know they are there … those memories; Some may be found, The siblings I think I have, I don’t remember much anymore.   The wife I came to love; She may be passed; Married over 60 years.   My five children; I do cherish so much; They all visit me, all but one.   […]

The Waves of Life

1933 The height of the depression; The year the world was in ruin. Everyone says it was a terrible year, Yet something amazing happened – A boy named Felix L, was born.   1945 The end of hell; A demon is thrown down, And the world can begin to rebuild; And a 12-year-old boy, Who […]

Picture Perfect

Stitching Fine threads Woven between a sharpened fingertip, So insignificantly thin; Just a strand of artificial hair Soaked in violet waters, Drowned in liquid sunsets, Dried from the depths of intangible winds Before they are sewn together In a tangle of creation: Sinews of vibrancy, Marrow etched in strands of fabric, Muscles shaped; Ornate porcelain […]

A World of Hope

This poem was inspired from Serafin’s accomplishments throughout his lifetime. Before moving to Canada, he used to work as an editor in the Philippines. His son now lives in Arizona as an electronic communication technologist, with his family; whereas Serafin is at the Bow View Manor with his wife living in the opposite end of […]

Jack Lucky

This poem was written to commemorate the inspiring, memorable, and life-changing moments in Jack Lucky’s journey through youth and adulthood. It’s when your life takes a turn, Or when the dime takes a toss, And someone so meaningful to you gets sacrificed.   Then you realize life has passed you by – You begin to […]

Life’s Joys

This is in dedication for Jack(Lucky). A man whose life has been full of ecstasy and joy while life seemed to have passed him by. The laughs he shared as a youth fill the gaps in others to a point where the miseries of life are unseen at all. From whiskey to “ladies”- a life […]

Line by Line

Line by Line Each day on the farm was passed With hours spent doing chores, Yet her fingertips found the time To escape with the keys of black and white. With youth, The world was at her fingertips The roads of the earth became The lines of her palm. She grasped every moment And accepted […]