A Poem for Jean ~ Zainab & Meghna

A pleasure, shining so bright, glowing behind your sweet, sweet eyes. To follow the very heart, that is encased within you. To pursue a life of satisfaction, of delight and thrill. To experience beyond borders, and look further from what is shown in photographs; to breathe the foreign air, and touch those with your smile […]

Life of Doreen

~1935~ It was simply “a different time.” Time brings unto a marriage nativity. Love born upon a support, bound together in holy matrimony to bear the life of Doreen H. She came into existence pure and unsoiled by the hardships of depravity. The innocence of childhood insulted her and her older brother from national tensions […]

53 Years

This is a short writing piece about the journey of Edith C’s life. She had been a nurse for over 53 years; this poem talks about her happiness, contributions, friends, fears and childhood memories. 53 Years Close your eyes and dream; dream of the days when you wrapped bandages ever so carefully on the boo-boo’s […]

Life of Benny B

This is the poem l worked on after Carmen and I interviewed Benny B. Something about the way he told his story stood out to me. He was born in 1939 in Ukraine during the World War II. At the age of two, his family started to move to different places because of the economy. […]


    Wonder … for Connie When you were a young girl, At an unripe age, Wind swept across your face Blowing dirt onto your corduroys and Littering your soil With weeds.   Winnipeg. A farm. A family.   That was your life, Weeding the garden and Wondering what the world was like.   You […]

Eternal Love

Little did I know: This afternoon’s dance class Would turn into so much more; An innocent little crush Turned big, by surprise; I suddenly found myself Telling you – I love you. Every other night, Soon after, a wonderful wedding, a first step, Into our lifelong journey – May 12, 1953. Travelling to Canada Hand […]