Carl, From the province of Saskatchewan he grew. Amidst the pale, yellow prairie grass, From a young to a man, who’s energy was all that was needed to last from day to night, who shone as bright as the sun, for everyone who looked up, in the darkest of days.   He had all the […]

Stories of Nature

Dedicated to Jim Jones   On November 20th, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with seniors to offer some inspiration for a creative writing project. Although it was originally a cold and gloomy autumn afternoon, the warmth of the senior home made us forget the poor weather conditions outside. Initially, we were a bit […]

Toronto v.s Manila

The Pearl of the Orient The pearl of your eyes is, Manila. The crash of waves enter your ear and you feel at peace, You feel at home. You hear the beeps of horns, and the swish of the wind, and the chirping of sparrows  And all of it envelops you as if  Manila was […]

Volume IV

The eyes were the first thing that we noticed; Bright and blue facets of glass flesh that had seen life so full and pure. A soldier, who’s journey was a maze,  a battle to be fought at every turn. He preferred the bow over the gun though.  Let the indigenous guide His rights and wrongs, […]

Brave the Flames

  For the man a Bow View Manor Larry by: Savannah, Reegan, and Melody     You never know what you are going to get into. They tell you nothing’s gonna change, They say life is as boring as it can be, Until it is not. Born,  married, and adopted mans best of friends Yet […]

Dear Aurora

Dear Aurora Cruz by Alyna and Sarah    Smile constantly plastered on your face. Thinking back on all the good things. Remembering the little faces smiling at you, While you are teaching them all the joys of life.  Patience and love as you think of life and what it has blessed you with.  Blessed with […]

Bow View Manor : Neil

  Sailing through the East coast   Friends on board, drinks in hand   Night as calm as the blue ocean water   Wanting to stay there a little longer   Clear dark sky, with nothing but the shimmering of the stars   A call back to a home long forgotten   You tremble, lost […]

Courageous As You Are

Courageous As You Are   As a kid they said “dream big”, but we dreamt many dreams and earned false hope. As a kid they said, “say your prayers little one”, but we prayed many prayers, though fulfilled was none. We’ve shed many tears in the brink of our loneliness, hoping the power of ceding […]